33nd LEN European Swimming Championships

For the first time ever all 52 member federations were present at the LEN Congress in the magnificent East Wintergarden at Canary Wharf. The activity and the financial reports presented to the delegates on 2015 and on the past four years all highlighted how LEN managed to overcome the difficulties from 2012.
The recent cycle turned into a success story, LEN major events produced a significant growth in cumulative TV audience, popularity and media exposure. Involving great cities to stage the European Aquatics Championships (Berlin 2014, London 2016) and the strongest water polo communities for the Water Polo Europeans (Budapest 2014, Belgrade 2016) all contributed to the strengthening of LEN's position in world of sport, just as the professionalism and the dedication of the hosts of the other important LEN events.
Consequently, LEN's financial situation has never been so sound as of today, and for the first time it could offer prize money for the athletes competing at the European Championships, and grant travel assistance for the participating federations, amounting almost 2 million euros for 2015 and 2016.
Still, as President Barelli emphasised, the most important outcome of the past four years was the fantastic results the European athletes achieved. As he concluded his speech, "our top priority will be the same, to dedicate all our activities to the benefits of the athletes."
The other presidential candidate, Erik van Heijningen also presented his programme, then the voting took place. Paolo Barelli got 77 votes, Erik von Heijningen had 27 so Mr. Barelli won another four-year term as LEN President. The other Officials, General Secretary David Sparkes and Treasurer Tamas Gyarfas, running unopposed, earned unanimous support to continue their work. Francis Luyce, Christa Thiel, Dimitris Diathesopoulos, Sven von Holst and Andriy Vlaskov were elected as Vice-Presidents.
LEN will be represented in the FINA Bureau by Paolo Barelli, Tamas Gyarfas, David Sparkes and Dimitris Diathesopoulos and two other members who will be elected at world-at-large in the 2017 FINA Congress in Budapest.

For the composition of the new Bureau, visit www.len.eu